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The customer is informed and agrees that Tubex srl, under Art. 13- Law Nr. 45, February 26th 2004, with changes of Art. 3 - Decree 02/24/2003, Nr. 354, may handle his / her personal data. These data are collected by us with the only aim of answering to your technical and commercial requests. Data you supplied us will be recorded on protected data media and on paper forms and will be correctly kept and protected. In addition, the customer is aware that he is entitled to know about any updating, amendment, data supplement, cancellation, transformation in anonymity or blockage of data treated in law infringement, including data whose conservation is not necessary with regards to the purposes for which data were collected and afterwards treated. Personal data are processed in the normal activity of TUBEX. for purposes strictly related to the management of customer relations service, ensuring the security and confidentiality of data through the protective measures to prevent the access to such data to unauthorized persons to treatment. TUBEX. also undertakes not to communicate for any reason these data to third parties. Personal data will be treated and maintained for the time necessary for the proper conduct of the service. The confirmation of data is voluntary, but any refusal does not allow any service delivery.